ACDS Community Development Awards

Purpose of the Awards Program

The ACDS awards program recognizes exceptional accomplishments of communities and individuals in the following categories: Innovative Community Development Program/Project; New Professional, Community Development Achievement; Distinguished Service to ACDS; and Friend of ACDS.

Instructions for Submission of Nomination

Use Page 1 of the below attached form as a cover sheet for your ACDS award nomination and provide information for individual nominations as noted below. Nominations should be brief—no more than approximately three pages and may include photographs.

Nominations will be accepted at any time after January 1 of the award year.

Completed nominations must be received on or before October 1. Nominations may be sent as attached files to Whitney Horton at





If you have problems downloading this document, please contact Kristen Barre at for assistance.

Information to Include for Each Category

Innovative Community Development Program/Project Award

Purpose:  To recognize innovative and successful community development programs and projects taking place in Arkansas communities. A community may be a city, county, neighborhood, region, or may encompass the entire state.  Nominations will be grouped according to population and evaluated with similarly sized communities.

Restrictions:  The program or project must have been ongoing between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019.  Communities must be located in Arkansas.

Information to Submit:  Provide a description of the program, its origins, goals, and impacts on the community. Include a short description of the community.

New Professional Award

Purpose: To recognize and encourage community developers who are new to the field.  In contrast to the Community Development Achievement Award which recognizes a larger body of work, this award seeks to identify those who have been involved for a shorter period of time but whose work has had impact.

Restrictions:  The nominee should have been in the community development for approximately five years.  Only ACDS members may nominate in this category but the nominee does not have to be a member of ACDS.

Information to Submit:  Provide a brief description of the nominee's connection to community development and an overview of accomplishments that merit recognition.  Brief biographical information may also be included.

Community Development Achievement Award

Purpose:  To recognize an individual for his or her excellence in the practice of community development.  The award may be given for the individual's overall body of work in community development or may be for an extraordinary single accomplishment.

Information to Submit:  Provide a brief description of the nominee's contributions to the field of community development and highlight noteworthy accomplishments.  Brief biographical information may also be included.

ACDS Distinguished Service Award

Purpose:  To recognize a member of Arkansas Community Development Society who has performed extraordinary service to the organization.

Information to Submit: Provide a brief description of how the nominee has been involved in ACDS and the impact this has had on the organization.  Brief biographical information may also be included.

Friend of ACDS Award

Purpose: This award is given in recognition of extraordinary service or support for ACDS or for the practice of community development.

Restrictions: The nominee may be an individual or an organization.

Information to Submit: Provide a brief description of how the nominee has supported the mission of the Arkansas Community Development Society and/or advanced the practice of community development.  Brief biographical information or an organizational description may be included.

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